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2nd Gen Router

Generation Two

We have received our parts fron China so the design has started in earnest.  Some Gen 2 parts have been made although the Lathe conversion is happening in parrallel. The accuracy of the supported rail and availability of alluminium sections has caused a rethink of the initial design.  Please refer to the build log for more infomation on the machining of the received components.  Drawing published in this website are provided in good faith but may vary from the final parts due to changes caused by adapting the the design to fit the parts delivered.  Individual parts may be delierately altered from the drawing to fit the parts we already made or received.  Measurements of the longer parts will be difficult to achieve with the equipment at our disposal.  methods to produce acceptable tolerances will be given in the build log.

The X Axis Slide will be made from 2 angular pieces of alluminium.  The anchor for the ball screw is directly bolted into the struts of the X Axis Slide. The supported rails will stop any tendency to twist when macining with the Router.

Drawing for the parts will be provided in the Download section.  Photographs of each stage of the build should appear in the build log section.  Hopefully this will cover all aspects of the design and the build.  The design is based on the most economical method using available allumium extrusions available in South Africa.  Due to our history some extrusions comply with Imperial measurements and some with Metric measurements.

The rear view shows the braces used to strengthen the slide and also shows the ball screw for the X Axis.  The ball screw for the Z Axis is shown on the front view.  A link to an STL file of the X Axis Slide is provided in the Download section of the website.  Unfortunately STL files do not allow for the saving of colours.  The file, however, will give you an ability to rotate the drawing to further explore the drawing.  The drawing can be viewed using either GLC Player or Meshlab.  Both packages are free software.

Once this part has been completed it will be time to tackle the Z axis carrier.  The Z Axis will fit onto the linear bearings on the front of the X Axis Slide as shown in the following sketches.

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