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Generation Two

It was dissapointing to find that the parts from China were not as accurate as expected.  The pictures below will clearly show the difference in the position of the mounting holes and the difference in the length of the rail versus the support.  Furthermore the end of the rail section were rough cut and not square.  For the strongest design it is imperative that we use the rails as an integral part of the design.  After squaring the ends of the rail, almost 3 mm was lost and to make matters worse there was a full mm difference in the lengths of the 2 rails.
Furthermore, the rails and supports need to be shortened to allow for the ball screw to be mounted on the end brackets bolted to the rails.  The case hardening of the rails will have to be ground away to allow for the maching of the ends. This will be undertaken at the appropriate time in the build.

The first part of the build will be the X Axis Slide.  The drawings for the parts are in the download section of the website. Pictures of the parts and final assembly are shown below. The linear bearing for both the X Axis and the Z Axis are bolted onto the slide.  Fitting of the holding bolts has proved to be a test of dexterity, but the final assembly forms a strong and compact unit.

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