The website is dedicated to the hobbyist interested in CNC based projects and will be used as a build log of a 3D printer. - FabRap

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Welcome to my Website.  The website is intended to publish some of my projects in the hope they will be of some use to others.  Over the past 8 or so years, I have spent meny hours researching various projects on the Internet and this is my attempt to contribute to the knowledge base.

At the time of retiring 7 years ago, I realised that I was not totally competent with the operation of my Maximat Lathe.  I purchased the lathe as a young man, and although it was used for many years making simple parts for all sorts of projects, I had never undertaken any really challenging projects.  With this in mind, I started to search the Internet for projects that would demand a high degree of challenging accurate maching.  This was surely the way to learn the full potential of the lathe.

 I  purchased and read "The Amateur's Lathe" by L. H. Sparey from cover to cover.  I then added the "Machine Shop Trade Secrets" by James A Harvey to my library and now felt ready to face the challenge I had set myself.

After a lot of extensive reading on various potential projects I found on the Internet, I took up the challenge of building a 3 axis CNC Router.  This project covered a number of fields that would prove to be challenging and looked like a good all round project to build.  When I started this project there was not as much information available as there is now currently on the internet.  Also I decided to use as much of the scrap material that I had collected over the years as possible. The picture below gives some idea of the final unit.

I trust you will find the information of interest and that some benefit may be found in the following projects. I personally have found the journey to be exciting and satisfying.

The picture shownon the left, courtesy of Fab@Home, is the next project I intend implementing and this website will act as a historical log of the build.

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