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Lathe Conversion

With the advent of Generation Two, a conversion of my Maximat Lathe to CNC control must be implemented to assist with the manufacture of some of the components.  The modification will only include an add on to allow for the positioning of the workpiece with relation to the spindle.  The Z Axis will remain manual, The ability to accurately position the workpiece will be a great step forward.  With the old Acme Leadscrews, it is difficult to cater for the backlash when setting the position of the workpiece accurately.

The lathe has a flat bed and not the conventional V bed.  For this reason series 6000 bearings have been selected to ensure free movement of the cross slide for CNC maching. The picture gives some ideal of the Lathe bed shape. The hubs for the bearings will be machined a fraction off centre.  This will allow for fine adjustment of the bearings to make sure they run freely on the bed of the lathe without any play that would result in inaccuracy of the cross slide.

Having the bearings situated at the extremes of the slide will ensure minimum play that could cause backlash.

The X axis has the 14mm supported rail for the Y axis. Once both Axis are complete they will become a solid unit.

The final assembly will the be fitted to the lathe bed whn required for precision milling operations.  If not needed it will be removed and packed away.

The control electronics will be discussed under Gen 2 descriptions.

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