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MPG and Jog

Generation Two

Despite providing both written and graphic descriptions of our requirements to our Chinese supplier's, they have supplied us with single shaft motors.  This will not allow for mounting of handles to the motor.  The only way of moving the spindle will be by either to jog into position or to use a MPG (Manual Pulse Generator).  The new concept is to combine this with a separate control panel to be mounted onto the edge of the Router Table.

The MPG is built into an IP65 case to protect it from the dust and chips that are generated during machining.

Besides the function of the MPG the unit contains all the switches to operate the CNC Router. Interlocks are included to make sure that either the router spindle or the laser is enabled.  It will not be possible to switch on the power to the Laser and the spindle at the same time.

The laser is switched on with a key switch to prevent use by unqualified personal. In the picture the keys can be seen near the pulse generator.

Starting at the bottom of the unit are the switches to control the router.   The most left switch is for powering the controller. By switching on the logic first, the power to the controller will be stable before enabling either drives, the spindle or the laser. The second third and fourth switches are for the drivers, the spindle and the laser.  These are all enabled by solid state relays using the logic power source.

Each function has it's own indication lamp.

At the top of the picture is the Manual Pulse Generator.  The left most multi-position switch allows for the selection of which axis is to be controlled by the MPG. The first position disables all axes. The other positions are for the X, Y and X Axes.

The next control is for the speed of repetitive pulses for the jog control.  The last multi-position switch changes the number of pulses generated when a jog switch is pushed. The range can be set to a single pulse for very accurate postioning, the next is multiplied by ten and the last position allow a one hundred pulses for each push of the jog buttons.  

The blue buttons are for the x axis.  The left button is X Minus while the right button id for X Plus.  The green buttons are for the Y axis with the top button being Y plus and the lower switch being Y Minus.  The red buttons are for the Z axis.  The top button is for Z Plus and the lower button is for Z minus.  The buttons are layed out as a graphical represetation of the actual router movements.

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